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Proof of Concept


The Proof of Concept (PoC) or the English "Proof of Concept", taking it to our software environment, would be nothing other than the construction of a prototype or model, in a framework that limits scope at all levels and that we allow, by previously defining objectives, to validate that said solution is the most appropriate to solve with applications, integrations or extensions, a specific problem within the range of pain points that our business processes may present. With MAD Cloud Consulting, identify critical processes, plan and execute, and obtain relevant conclusions for the most accurate decision.

Limit the scope

At MAD Cloud Consulting, we help you evaluate  representative settings; and that represent the value necessary for decision making. If you are evaluating the adoption of a product, we collaborate indicating the appropriate infrastructure and that it integrates with the existing components  and has been agreed upon by all stakeholders, including us.

Plan ahead

There is a high probability that it will be the first time that several organizations, including third parties, will be working together. It is the commitment of all those involved  to the deadlines defined by the POC, as well as  line up advance meetings ahead of time. We have proof-of-concept planning templates that allow us to establish regularity and  rigorously with  the necessary documentation.

Run in environment


Unless integration is critical, connectivity to other systems must be simulated. This is because almost always, obtaining the necessary permissions to integrate the model to other computer systems becomes a challenge.
We support you in the design of the ideal landscape for the execution of the proof of concept, with an imitation of a real scenario without the risks of it.

Engage key users

When it comes time for selection and / or evaluation, all stakeholders must be aligned with the results. East  alignment is critical  to obtain approval from IT management. The key concept here is "no surprises." We work together on the proper discourse and on involving stakeholders at an executive level.

Permanent and detailed monitoring

The testing stage considers limited and strict times, so a delay of one or two days can put the delivery date at risk. An informal call or meeting at the end of each day will ensure that delays, risks and problems are addressed and resolved quickly, minimizing the impact on the bottom line. We have the experience to detect problems with the appropriate timing.

Conclusions and final report

As important as carrying out the proof of concept correctly and having involved  All stakeholders, it is also vitally important to have adequate information for making the right decision. MAD Cloud Consulting is in charge of sending you the reports and the "Lesson Learned" for the adequate definition of the technological path to follow.

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